About us

We’re a team of medical professionals, counsellors, therapists and recovering alcoholics who understand alcohol addiction.

About UK Home Detox

We wanted to provide an affordable home alcohol detox service, without compromising on safety or quality.

Our Story

We understand alcohol addiction, some of us are in recovery ourselves. Alcohol addiction does not discriminate based on age, race or financial status, it can affect anyone. We realised that for many, residential rehab was not an option due to family, work or financial commitments, so our team got together to find a solution to these problems.

Our Mission

Our mission was to create a flexible, cost effective service that did not compromise on safety or quality. A service that provided everything needed to help individuals start a new life without alcohol, from the comfort of their own home.

Our Values

We believe that anyone can break free from alcohol dependence, no matter how bad the current situation may feel. We take great pride in seeing others succeed, and we believe recovery from alcohol should be accessible to everyone. We’ve witnessed the transformation in our own lives and we want to share that experience with you.

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    Jason Shiers
    Author / Jason Shiers / Dip.Psych MBACP
    Jason Shiers is a Certified Transformative Coach & Certified Psychotherapist who is a specialist in addiction, trauma and eating disorders. He has been working in the field of addiction for 25 years now.

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