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What is Alcohol Home Detox?

Alcohol home detox refers to the process of an individual discontinuing or reducing their alcohol consumption in the comfort of their own home, rather than in a specialized facility. This method has gained popularity due to its convenience and privacy. However, it’s essential to understand that while some may find success with home detox, it’s not suitable for everyone and can come with significant risks.

How it Works

Our home alcohol detox service provides a safe solution to alcohol withdrawal. During alcohol detox, our team of specialists will provide you with ongoing support and guidance.

Suitability Check

Suitability Check

Medical Assessment

Medical Assessment

Support Buddy

Support Buddy

Receive Medication

Receive Medication

Telephone Support

Telephone Support

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Risks and Safety of Home Detox

Attempting to detox from alcohol at home can be dangerous, especially for those with a long history of heavy drinking. Some potential risks include:

Risks and Safety of Home Detox

Trying to detox from home can be dangerous, particularly if you have a history of heavy drinking, and it entails risks such as:

No Medical Supervision

Medical assistance will be unavailable in the event of medical complications like changes in blood pressure, severe dehydration, and seizures.

Risk of Relapsing

You face a higher risk of relapse because you’re not under supervision, remain in a familiar environment, and may be exposed to certain stressors.

Mental Health Issues

Alcohol withdrawal can exacerbate pre-existing mental health concerns, like heightened anxiety, depressive feelings, paranoia, or psychotic symptoms.

Withdrawal Symptoms

There’s a risk of experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms, such as delusions, seizures, and even delirium tremens, which include agitation and hypertension.

The Benefits of Our Home Detox Service

Our home service allows you to detox safely and conveniently from alcohol without the need for residential care.

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Alcohol Detox Centres

Most medical professionals recommend enrolling in an alcohol detox centre to safely discontinue alcohol consumption. They provide:

  • Medical Assistance: You’ll receive immediate assistance in the event of severe withdrawal symptoms.
  • Continual Supervision: Constant monitoring and supervision can help prevent the risk of relapsing,
  • Therapy and Support: Regular therapy sessions teach coping strategies and are a source of emotional support.
  • Comfortable Environment: A daily routine and comfortable environment that’s free of stressors allow a smoother process. Learn more

Alcohol Detox Medication

On-site medical specialists prescribe medications to reduce the severity of withdrawal symptoms:

  • Benzodiazepines can reduce the severity of painful withdrawal symptoms and prevent complications such as seizures.
  • Naltrexone treats alcohol dependence by blocking the pleasurable effects of alcohol consumption so you can remain alcohol-free.
  • Disulfiram, also known as Antabuse, disulfiram treats alcohol dependence by inducing unpleasant effects when you take alcohol.
  • Acamprosate: It restores the brain’s chemical balance, allowing normal levels of glutaminergic neuron activity.

Your doctor may also recommend vitamins to address nutritional deficiency and IV fluids to reverse an electrolyte imbalance. Learn more

Delirium Tremens

This is the most severe form of alcohol withdrawal that usually occurs in cases of severe alcohol dependence. You experience sudden and severe changes in your mental state and nervous functioning. It includes symptoms such as:

  • Agitation
  • Trembling, sweating, nausea, and vomiting
  • Hallucinations
  • Seizures

If you or a loved one is experiencing delirium tremens, seek immediate medical attention. Learn more

Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms 

Reduction or discontinuation of alcohol consumption can lead to withdrawal symptoms. These can vary in severity depending on the period of alcohol dependence. Some symptoms are:

  • Feelings of anxiety
  • Depressed or irritable mood
  • Fatigue
  • Nausea and/or Loss of appetite
  • Difficulties in sleep

The purpose of treatment is to reduce withdrawal symptoms and make them more manageable. Learn more

Outpatient Alcohol Detox At Home

Outpatient alcohol detox allows you to live at home and make scheduled visits to a treatment facility. It provides the convenience and confidentiality of detoxing at home, with the safety of medical assistance and supervision. It’s preferable for those struggling with mild to moderate alcohol dependence but have a supportive environment at home. It’s best to consult your primary care physician to know if you’re eligible for outpatient alcohol detox at home. Learn more 

Preventing an Alcohol Relapse

Relapse prevention requires a commitment to recovery and is a consistent process that can involve the following:

  • Regular Therapy: Checking in with a mental health professional is a great way to discuss issues you’re facing and learn coping skills.
  • Joining Support Groups: Being surrounded by people who provide emotional support can motivate you to stay alcohol-free.
  • Knowing Triggers: Understanding which events and interactions can lead to alcohol cravings can help you deal with such situations effectively.
  • Taking Medication: Regularly taking your prescribed medication can reduce the severity of withdrawal symptoms, making relapse less likely. Learn more

Is detoxing from alcohol at home safe?

Detoxing from alcohol is safe, depending on the severity of your alcohol addiction. It’s a safe option for people who:

  • Have a stable home environment and family support
  • Are able to visit the treatment facility for regular checkups
  • Struggle with mild to moderate alcohol dependence
  • Don’t have severe medical or mental health conditions
  • Don’t have a history of suicidal ideation or behaviour
  • Aren’t addicted to other substances? Learn more 

Detailed Breakdown of the Detox Process

If you or a loved one requires an alcohol detox, here’s what you can expect from the process:

  • Initial Evaluation: A mental health specialist will perform an assessment regarding your drinking patterns.
  • Medical Assessment: A physician will assess your medical history and recommend some tests to check your liver function.
  • Nominating a Support Buddy: You’ll be asked to assign a support buddy who will remain at home during your detox and is responsible for your medication.
  • Providing Medication: You’ll receive medication via post and additional support in the event of any withdrawal symptoms.
  • Stabilising Alcohol Consumption: You’ll start by stabilising alcohol consumption to a fixed number of units.
  • Reducing Alcohol Consumption: Also known as tapering, you’ll gradually reduce how much alcohol you consume.
  • Quitting Alcohol Consumption: Eventually, you can discontinue alcohol consumption entirely.
  • Providing Telephone Support: In the event of withdrawal symptoms or discomfort, you can reach out to our support team.

What are the best approaches to Alcohol detox? 

The most effective approaches in alcohol detox include:

  • Prescribing Medications: This reduces the severity of withdrawal symptoms.
  • Consistent Supervision: To prevent the risk of a relapse and manage any medical complications.
  • Balanced Nutrition: This addresses nutritional deficiencies and supports neurotransmitter balances.
  • Emotional Support: This helps clients remain committed to treatment and staying alcohol-free.
  • Gradual Reduction: Stabilising and tapering alcohol consumption is much safer than abrupt discontinuation.

Follow-Up Care: Counselling and therapy are effective for helping people remain alcohol-free in the
long term. Learn more 

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    We've helped many people find freedom from alcohol dependence. Now its your turn to start a new chapter.

    “I was very nervous about detoxing from alcohol at home. I have been drinking for almost 20 years and my GP had pre-warned me that I would probably need a managed detox. I didn't like the idea of rehab so I opted for a home detox service. I'm so glad I did, the team were fantastic from start to finish and I'm now celebrating 6 months alcohol free!”James D
    “My partner promised to give up alcohol for nearly 5 years. With our first baby on the way, I needed him to commit to his promise. At the time I wasn't aware of a home detox service, but a friend recommended it as an alternative to private rehab. I was slightly apprehensive at first, but the service and support provided was incredible. 4 Months later and still no alcohol, just a very sleep deprived dad! ”Sarah S
    “I can't thank the team enough for my life changing experience. I opted for additional therapy and support because I felt I needed it. I've not touched a drop of alcohol in months and this is the longest I've been without it in over 12 years. I never could have imagined my life without a drink, and to be free from that daily torture is an incredible feeling, I feel 20 years younger!”Mohammad A

    Is alcohol detox at home safe?

    Yes, as long as you don’t have a history of seizures or severe alcohol dependence and follow your healthcare provider’s instructions, alcohol detox at home is a safe process.

    How soon will I experience withdrawal symptoms?

    You can expect to experience withdrawal symptoms about 6 to 12 hours after your last drink. These are usually mild, but they can progress into more severe symptoms, so it’s best to consult a healthcare provider.

    What withdrawal symptoms can I expect?

    You can expect symptoms such as sweating, rapid heart rate, increased blood pressure, nausea, and tremors.

    How can I avoid relapse?

    You can prevent relapsing by continuing to take your prescribed medication and seeing a therapist to cope with stressors.

    Can I detox without professional assistance?

    Even if you’re detoxing at home, we recommend consulting a professional to help you manage withdrawal.


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